So you're a recruiting company?
No. Our platform allows our connectors to act as their friends' personal recruiters. We just provide the platform, technology and service to keep the connectors referring, the candidates applying and your company hiring the best talent.
So what makes you different?
Currently there is no one leveraging external referrals into companies the way that we do. On our platform you cannot apply directly for a job - first, you must be referred. Only after being referred can you accept the referral and get an intro to a hiring manager, and the connectors are only rewarded when their hire works out.
Do you promote my jobs via social media?
Although we don’t usually promote specific jobs on social media, we do promote our platform extensively. We pair greatly with tools that help you promote jobs on social media. In addition, we have many email marketing campaigns to promote your open positions to our connector base.
Can you run/manage an internal referral program?
We’re so glad you asked! The short answer is, Yes. The long answer is, we found that although we built a product for external referrals, it works better than most company’s internal referral management systems AND it’s really easy for employees to make referrals that are streamlined. So we added internal referral programs into our offering.
How is this different from my internal referral system?
For hiring managers, you get the added bonus of leveraging an external referral network, and don't worry - in our year-long beta test, we proved external connectors to be a capable source for startups to global companies; filling entry level positions to senior level management.
Who do we pay and when do we pay?
If you hire a candidate via EmployUs, we will invoice you for your budgeted amount (2x the referral bonus you post) on the candidates’ first day on the job. We take care of the payout of the referral bonus for you - and if for some reason your candidate doesn’t work out, we will refund your money according to the Hiring Warranty in your agreement. No questions asked.
Do you review candidates, cover letters or resumes before they get to my inbox?
We provide the platform and technology for referrals to be made and referred candidates to apply. Once they apply it’s up to your company to interview them and decide if they are truly qualified and are a good fit. If you are looking for a full service solution, we are happy to refer you to a few recruiting companies locally.
Are you an Applicant Tracking System?
EmployUs is not an ATS. We are a referral platform that helps facilitate referrals between connectors and open positions at your company. However, we do integrate with applicant tracking systems. See below.
Do you integrate with Applicant Tracking Systems?
Yes. EmployUs can integrate with your ATS to provide a more seamless experience for your recruiters and for your tracking needs.
Do I need to register all of my recruiters?
We try to make things simple. Once we have your company portal set up, you can add all of your recruiters and assign them to their appropriate RECs.
I’m a contract recruiter, can I use EmployUs?
The more the merrier! If you are in a position where you need referral applicants (and who doesn't?) and you can pay a referral bonus upon hiring an applicant, EmployUs is for you!
Why should I use EmployUs?
The response we most often get from hiring managers is - why not? You get to advertise all your open jobs, get your company exposure, leverage a new referral source and the best part - you only pay when you make a hire. It's that simple.
What if I don’t work for a company - can I still refer my friends to work there?
You, my friend, have found the beauty of EmployUs: You can refer to any job posted on our platform - whether you are an employee at that company or not!
Does it cost to refer my friends?
No way! EmployUs is here to make helping your friends land their dream jobs easily. Just download the free app, then view the jobs, refer your friends and when they get hired, you get paid.
Let’s be honest...When do I get paid?
If your referral is hired you will be paid after the warranty period, which depending on the company’s policies can be 30, 60, or 90 days after your referral's first day on the job. We'll let you know the length of this period when your referral is hired.
Can companies see that I referred someone?
Yes! Which makes it even more important that you make quality referrals and choose the friends that you want to refer wisely - your name is attached to every referral you make.
Is there a benefit to applying through EmployUs?
Yes! Applying through EmployUs means that someone was willing to put their name and reputation on the line for you and make a referral - and this holds A LOT of weight with hiring managers. When you apply through EmployUs you are tagged as a referral and it’s a well established fact that referrals are the best source for candidates.
Should I apply through the website too?
If you want your resume grouped with the thousands of others that come through a company’s website daily, then feel free to apply there - BUT if you want to stand out as a referred candidate, apply through EmployUs.
Can I refer myself for a job?
That would defeat the purpose - however, we still got you covered: If you find a job that you're interested in, request a referral from one of your friends through the 'right for me' feature of the app. This way you still go through as a referral to the company and have a better shot at getting an individual look from the hiring manager.