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The world’s first mobile employee referral program.

Employee Referrals

For the 21st century.

Super-Charge Your Employee Referral Program

Mobile Referrals

Receive referrals anytime and anywhere by allowing employees to send referrals directly from their smart phones in seconds

External Referrals

Increase the size of your referral network by unlocking external referrals so you can fill more jobs, faster. On EmployUs you can receive referrals from anyone, not just your full-time employees.

Referral Intelligence

Power your referral program with smart recommendations to highlight the most relevant jobs to your employees based on their unique user profile and network.

Social Referrals

Viral Social Sharing

Extend your social media presence and enhance your employer brand by allowing employees to share jobs with trackable links on their favorite social networks.


Reward referrals with points and badges to increase program engagement and build a company of ambassadors drive by a company leaderboard.

Employer Ambassadors

Create a following of ambassadors who are willing to automatically share the most relevant jobs to their social networks and positively rate your company on Glassdoor.


Boost Engagement

Reward referrals with points and badges to increase program engagement and build a company of ambassadors drive by a company leaderboard.

Offer Non-Monetary Rewards

Your employees are diverse and motivated by more than just money. Easily reward employees with non-monetary rewards like a round trip flight anywhere in the world.

Customized Experience

Want to run a localized referral program with a custom rewards structure? No problem, you can create custom leaderboards and track program adoption.

Referral Marketing

Omni-Channel Program Marketing

Improve program adoption and engagement by customizing your marketing campaigns across email, SMS, push notifications, website, and chat.

Personalized Campaigns

No two employees are alike so personalize your marketing campaigns through EmployUs to target employees based on their activity levels to generate more referrals.

Automated Alerts

Set up your campaigns and be able to walk away knowing everything from day one is fully automated and requires little to no additional time to manage.

Program Management

Set Your Own Rewards

Create custom rewards and payout criteria for different levels of roles, locations, or hard to fill positions with both monetary and non-monetary referral rewards

Payment Compliance

Reduce the risk and streamline payroll by automating rewards eligibility checking so you know when employees should (or should not) get rewarded.

Referral Analytics

Get real-time updates and weekly reports on program performance to accurately measure program adoption and engagement to help you reach your goals.



Leverage our bi-directional real-time applicant tracking systems integrations with pre-built and custom connectors to sync job and candidate data.


Seamlessly invite, on-board, and streamline user account creation and authentication based on current employment and single sign on.


Automatically build targeted lists of referrals and people likely to recommend your employer brand by integrating with your CRM

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