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+50% Increase in Program Signups
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100% Increase in Fills from Referrals
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Saved Over $100,000 in Agency Fees

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1 in Every 5 Referrals on EmployUs Gets Hired

What People Are Saying

Diane Johnson

Director of Talent Acquisition at Citrix

"We believe it’s a game-changing technology that is easy to use and that will reach a larger network of candidates than typically we can reach on our own."

Jason Widen


"Getting started was fast and we hired six people in the first 45 days. EmployUs delivered great people who really fit our fast-paced entrepreneurial culture here at REVGEN. "

Thad Tarkington

CEO at FilterEasy

"EmployUs made it easy to receive and reward referrals. We hired an awesome designer in less than two weeks by listing our job on EmployUs. "

What People Are Tweeting

"Because of EmployUs, I was referred to a position that has since proven to be an incredible fit for me. It's a great feeling knowing someone was looking out for me!"


"My job hunt had gotten frustrating. Even though I have a master's degree, I was having trouble even getting an interview without an "in" at the large companies. With a referral through EmployUs, I landed a great job with a great company."


"I got referred on EmployUs and had an interview the next week and started the week after that. Couldn't be simpler."


Our Story

After being spun out of Citrix and RedHat, EmployUs launched the world’s first mobile app for employee referrals that allowed companies to receive and reward referrals from inside and outside of their company. Founded in 2014, EmployUs is venture-backed, founder-led, and serves over 100 companies across 15 countries.

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