Case Study: How Chatbots Power Georgia Pacific's Modern Employee Referral Program

The Problem:

Unemployment had reached a 17-year low and companies are struggling to hire and retain workers, according to Business Insider. Filling jobs in a timely manner is critical to operating a successful business. With a tight labor market, business leaders need to have a strategy for recruiting and retaining their employees.

At Georgia Pacific, recruiting teams were stuck handling employee referrals manually in their email inboxes and spreadsheets. Their applicant tracking system at the time, Taleo, and their CRM, Jobvite, had existing functionality that supports referrals but Georgia Pacific was interested in piloting a more modern approach to increase employee engagement and improve the candidate experience.

With over 35,000 employees, employee referrals were an incredibly valuable piece of their recruiting strategy so they wanted to optimize this recruiting channel. They were looking to partner with a solution provider who was able to offer an innovative solution which could support a high quality employee and candidate experience.

The Solution:

Employees hired through employee referrals consistently outperform hires from other sources such as job boards or recruiting agencies. Numerous studies have shown employee referrals are hired up to 50% faster and remain employed up to twice as long. A simple employee referral program can be an effective way to recruit and retain employees.

By leveraging an automated chatbot to assist their recruiting teams, Georgia Pacific was able to send an email and text-message campaigns to their employees. Over 30% of invited employees sent at least one referral.

One employee who had experienced the company's prior solution shared her feedback on the new solution powered by EmployUs:

“This new tool is amazing and so easy to use! I have such a large network and often want to refer colleagues to GP but never found an easy way to do so. The other GP referral website is not as easy to use and I would have to search jobs or locations then copy and send a link. This works so much better and is so easy, especially since I do not have to send the follow up link any more to our open positions.”

Client Testimonials:

"There was a gap in our employee referral process that EmployUs was able to solve. The Georgia Pacific recruiting team was thrilled to work with them."

Yolanda Hawkes - Talent Solutions Leader @ Georgia Pacific

"People used to email us referrals that we tracked in excel. Now, follow up is handled automatically! My team can be confident that referrals aren't falling through the cracks. Would highly recommend!"

Liz Hopewell - Campus Recruiting Manager @ Georgia Pacific