Case Study: How The Stepping Stones Group Made +$2M in Revenue After Tripling Referrals

The Problem

The Stepping Stones Group is a healthcare staffing company in Colorado with ~ 50 recruiters and +1,000 people on payroll.

SSG was interested in finding new ways to fill jobs faster with employees while streamlining the day to day management of their referral program. Their applicant tracking system was unable to support referrals, social sharing, tracking, or engagement campaigns.

Candidates self-reported often providing inaccurate or inconsistent data which created additional manual processes burdening the marketing, recruiting and human resources department.

Providers would say that "Referrals went into a black hole". Additionally, The Stepping Stones Group offered different rewards to different employees without any centralized management or controls on referral bonuses.

The Solution

The Stepping Stones Group partnered with EmployUs to invite their past placements to refer candidates for their 1,000 job openings.

In order to make the whole process seamless, EmployUs integrated with their applicant tracking system (ATS), human resource information system (HRIS), and candidate relationship management system (CRM).

Using EmployUs, Stepping Stones was able to send targeted email and text outreach to their current employees, former employees, and their wider network. Once referrals were hired, EmployUs streamlined the rewards fulfillment process, saving the company several hundred hours of administrative, error prone manual labor.

Client Testimonial

"We have tripled our referral hires. EmployUs not only handles all the behind the scenes accounting, but also candidate marketing and engagement automation."

- Molly Shams - VP, Lead Generation @ Stepping Stones Group